Drupal SandCamp 2017

 Nasty Weather Kept Many Speakers Away From SandCamp

However, true to form, the helpfulness and willingness of the Drupal Community to step up and fill in with talks and keynote speeches made the absence of some of the speakers less painful for attendees. We did have to dodge flying (shake) shingles Friday afternoon but the weather cleared up by Saturday and spirits lifted.

Rumor Takes Top Honors at Westminster Dog Show 2017

Westminster Dog Show 2017: Rumor the German
Shepherd Wins Best in Show



As Rumor, a German shepherd, took long, elegant strides around the ring at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, she seemed to cover every inch of the green carpet. It was as if there were no other dogs in the room, and soon that was indeed true as Rumor stood alone, earning best-in-show honors on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.“The German shepherd standard talks about quality and nobility,” said Thomas Bradley, the best-in-show judge. “She is just magnificent.” Last year, Rumor, named after the Adele song “Rumor Has It,” was favored to win it all, but she was upset by a German shorthaired pointer named C. J.

Kent Boyles, Rumor’s handler, had planned to retire her, but he decided to give it another run. This time, at 5 years old, Rumor played the role of spoiler, winning the herding group Monday night by beating Preston, a puli and the top-ranked dog of last year. As it turned out, Rumor had the canine equivalent of Adele’s haul at the Grammys, which seemed fitting because both Boyles and Rumor had watched that awards show. “She had a pretty good night,” Boyles said of Adele. So did Rumor, who defeated Duffy, a Norwegian elkhound; Chuckie, a Pekingese; Aftin, a miniature poodle; Tanner, a Norwich terrier; Devlin, a boxer; and Adrian, an Irish setter and the runner-up.


WordCamp LAX 2016

As web developers, we are always learning and keeping up with new technologies and  changes in web practices. That’s why our design firm  attends conferences and events that are happening – to find out what the latest news is in web development, what new tips and tricks can we discover, and in general ways to make ourselves better at our job. We can then pass on that knowledge and use our new skills to better serve you oru clients.

What is new in WordPress this year? We just attended the 2016 Los Angeles WordCamp.

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cropped-Dogtails-Design-Site-Icon.pngPress Release


Dogtails Design Solutions Receives 2016 Best of Incline Village Award

Incline Village Award Program Honors the Achievement

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Top 10 Reasons Why Tech Startups NEED To Upgrade Their Trade Show Strategy

Startups often lack the credibility and legitimacy required to convince customers. Trade shows appear as an easy way to face these prospects and demo the efficiency of a product, even though it is amongst the most expensive and complex marketing and sales strategies. This is why, as a startup founder, you must carefully plan early on for your next trade show and pick the right strategy and tools to reach your goals.

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Make Your Business Soar!

Writing for the web may look easy, but is it?  All good web copy requires many elements; a catchy headline, a persuasive writing style, your image text and it should provide quality information to your viewers. That is what keeps them coming back for more! It is great content that can take you ahead of the competition…literally! An attractive website design can hold their attention for only so long.  If your web copy writing is keyword optimized, you can easily land at the top of searches at search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It’s simple! If the users find your site useful, so will the search engines. Read More →